iPad mini 3 battery replacement

If your ipad 3 battery is easy to be dead, it is time to change or repair ipad mini 3 battery replacement.

 The average tablet battery lifetime is roughly 500 cycles which signify it should stand for not less than one year. Despite that, if you make use of your iPad over a several hours per full day, you may want a new battery faster than others.

If you lately experienced a charging difficulties and very fatigued battery drove you crazy, you very likely replaced the battery for completely new one to bring back to life your beloved tablet. Sadly, it may happen that you all the time struggling with providing the power back to the device. This problem may be connected not only to the battery but in addition to the not functioning charging port.

It’s worth knowing, that the charging chain in your iPad includes a several quite a few pieces: the battery, the charging port, the switch on and off button, and last but not least, the power chip on the matrix. All these parts are joined in the one charging system and each of them may cause a problem. Unfortunately, every now and then they influence to each other; the charging issue may bring outcome in the main board issues too which may be crucial and may cause death of the device.

Still, the battery replacement in iPad mini 3 is very helpful, nonetheless, the dock connector fault is the third, the most common iPad mini 3 repair; it is not surprising, in the end we charge our tablets nearly every day and each charge wears away the iPad mini 3 charging port.

If it’s happened to your tablet, do not worry- we can provide iPad mini 3 charging port replacement and repair it for you as well. We can share live video with you for your iPad issues. After you confirm it, then our technicians team start to repair your iPad mini 3.

You also can compare authorized iPad Service Center,  then you decide which option is best for you. 

 Upon handing over your device, our technician will run a few tests and inform you of the misbehaving parts. Once confirmed, our technician will then proceed with the repair.

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