iPhone 11 back glass replacement Singapore by Shenzhenfix.

Shenzhenfix is your best choice for iPhone 11 back glass replacement. We do it faster, safer, and with a smile on our faces!

Our rates are net and do not include the repair fee.

When you hand over your phone, our technician will run a few tests and alert you of any malfunctioning components. After confirmation, our technician will begin the repair.

Order this if:

– You would prefer a long-term iPhone 11 back glass repair that is less expensive than Apple service centres.

– The back glass of the iPhone 11 has a visible crack.

– There are no lines or black marks on the iPhone 11 screen display or LCD.

– Your iPhone 11 turns on and charges as planned.

– Your iPhone 11 has never been to a screen repair shop before.

Enquire further if:

– When plugged in with a power supply, the iPhone 11 does not turn on.  It’s possible that your charging port, rather than the panel, is malfunctioning. – You’ll need to repair the front glass or screen on your iPhone 11.

– On the iPhone 11 show, there are black marks or lines.

– There are signs of water damage on your iPhone 11 .


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