Iphone Phone XS Max Screen Repair


Iphone Phone XS Max Screen ReplacementIphone Phone XS Max Screen RepairIphone Phone XS Max LCD ScreenIphone Phone XS Max LCD Screen Repair with front glass and digitizer material

 You prefer having a longer iPhone XS Max LCD Screen Replacement which is cheaper compared to Apple service centers.

– The iPhone XS Max LCD display or digitizer has a noticeable crack.  The following conditions for your reference.

Touch responsiveness on your iPhone XS Max is not functional.


Shenzhenfix can provide Service for iPhone XS Max Repair, iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement, iPhone XS Max LCD Replacement, Iphone XS Max Battery Replacement, Iphone XS Max Motherboard Repair, iPhone Phone XS Max repair, Iphone XS Max back housing repair, Iphone XS Max Camera repair, Iphone XS Max Water Damage Repair, Iphone XS Max Charging port Repair, Iphone XS Max Home Buttons, Iphone XS Max Cameras, Iphone XS Max Back Door/Glass, Iphone XS Max Power Flex, Iphone XS Max other repair parts, Iphone XS Max Refurbishing components, repair cost around USD20-USD55.

Shenzhenfix has launched an affordable screen repair program for all Samsung Galaxy phones, all Galaxy Screens, fix all Smashed screen repair, Samsung Camera replacement, Samsung Charging Port, Samsung Galaxy Motherboard replacement etc all Samsung Galaxy Parts. we have Professional screen repair team/ professional cracked lcd screen repair team, include all electronics screen repair service with best screen repair service, we will screen check, We have FQC Samsung, IPQC for Screen repair, OQC for Screen repair all fixed.

We also repair all cracked screens on eligible device USD15-35 no matter what your carrier is. The program will repair broken screens on Samsung Galaxy N20, N10+, N10, Note 9, Note 8, S20 Ultra, S20+, S20, S10+, S10, S9+, S9, S8+, S8, S7 Edge.

We are a leading wireless industry provider of aftermarket lifecycle services for electronics, serving leading manufacturers, operators, retailers, repair centers. Market for consumer electronics, customer premises equipment, enterprise network & data storage, mobile and point of sale equipment.

We provide one- stop solution for end of lifecycle service range returns management & fulfillment, testing & grading, repair & refurbishment, asset recovery and trade-in & buy-back iPhone, iPad and Samsung, Iwatch, Macbook.



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