iPhone  XS max back glass replacement by Shenzhenfix.

This is a replacement back glass for the iPhone XS Max. back glass issues can be a major headache. It’s something that needs to be resolved right away.  Our XS Max components are low-cost and have been thoroughly checked in the factory to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, we have email and live chat tech help. Simply contact us and we will assist you with any issues you might be having.

Buy this if:

– You prefer a long-term iPhone XS MAX repair to an Apple service center because it is less expensive.

– The glass on the iPhone XS MAX has a visible crack.

– There are no lines or black marks on the iPhone XS MAX screen display or LCD.

– Turn on and charge your iPhone XS MAX normally.

– This is the first time your iPhone XS MAX has been sent to an iPhone screen repair factory.

Ask more questions:

– The iPhone XS MAX is unable to turn on.

– When using a power supply, the iPhone XS MAX does not charge. It’s possible that there’s no monitor because your charging port, not the panel, is broken. For more detail, see our iPhone Charging Port product pages.

– You need to repair the front glass or screen on your iPhone XS MAX.

– On the iPhone XS MAX show, there are black marks or lines. For more detail, see our iPhone LCD Replacement product pages.

– Your iPhone XS MAX shows signs of water damage.

-Did you get the wrong iPhone repair? Read on to learn more about our iPhone prices and descriptions.


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