iPhone XS Max Charging Port replacement Singapore by Shenzhenfix.

This is a replacement charging port flex cable for the iPhone XS Max. Charging issues can be a major headache. It’s something that needs to be resolved right away. If your iPhone no longer charges or syncs after using new chargers, you can need a new charging port. Our XS Max components are low-cost and have been thoroughly checked in the factory to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, we have email and live chat tech help. Simply contact us and we will assist you with any issues you might be having.

Buy this if:

– When you plug in the charging cord, there is no charging icon.

– The iPhone XS MAX’s microphone isn’t working.

– When the iPhone XS MAX is plugged in, the earpiece jack does not work.

– Your iPhone XS MAX can only charge when the cable is inserted at a certain angle. The cable is genuine and has been successfully checked on other iPhones.

– You’ve tried charging your iPhone XS MAX with a working original cable, but it doesn’t work.

– The iPhone XS MAX is still functional and can turn on before being charged.

– You want a high-quality iPhone XS Max charging port repair that is less costly than Apple service centers.

Ask more questions:

If you’re not sure whether the iPhone was functioning properly until the last charge,
– Your iPhone XS MAX shows signs of water damage.
– The charging icon appears on your iPhone XS MAX, but the battery percentage does not increase. It’s likely that your iPhone battery, rather than the battery, is defective. For more reviews, please see our iPhone Battery replacement product pages.
– In standby mode, the iPhone XS MAX gets heavy.
– And with a working original cable plugged in, the iPhone XS MAX would not turn on.
-Apple already has your iPhone XS MAX under warranty. Here’s where you can find out if your warranty is still valid.



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