Mac parts screen replacement by shenzhenfix:

Don’t be discouraged if your MacBook’s screen has broken. It might appear that paying Apple to fix the screen is the obvious solution (though they’d actually prefer you buy a new Mac), but Shenzhenfix has Apple Certified Mac Technicians who can repair or install the screen for a lot less money than Apple can. We use the same displays as Apple, so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing efficiency. Shenzhenfix offers best Mac parts screen replacement services at a very reasonable price.

There are a variety of MacBook models available, each with a different screen. Any model of Apple MacBook can be repaired by us.

Broken Mac Screens:

We’re here to help if you’ve dropped your MacBook, stepped on it, or even turned it over. Shenzhenfix keeps a large stock of Apple MacBook screens on hand to ensure that if your MacBook’s screen breaks, we can get it back up and running quickly. For our repairs, we use the exact same screens as Apple. Since our company is computer repair, we can deliver lower prices than Apple. If your screen is broken, Apple will probably prefer you to buy a new one, because their fixes are priced accordingly. The price difference between the two options can be important.


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