Shenzhenfix, During the COVID-19 outbreak, we intend to continue to service our clients as much as possible while protecting our technicians and fulfilling our social responsibility to prevent the disease from spreading. With this in mind, we’ve expanded on our current repair choices to allow clients to limit the amount of contact they have with us during the repair process to their comfort level.

Apple’s Macbook Pro models had several issues over the years.
If your Macbook Pro New Pro Touch Bar 13″ (A1989) is a replacement, you must first backup your Mac laptop before bringing it to Shenzhen Fix. After that, a Shenzhen fix technician will run a diagnostic test to confirm eligibility and tell you how long replacement or repair will take.
When your Macbook Pro has been repaired or Touch Bar replaced, we’ll notify you, and fingers crossed, we will resolve the problem.


Why choose us?

Shenzhenfix is the best source for Macbook Pro New Pro Touch Bar (A1707) Repair & Replacement. We do it better, we do it safer, and we do it with a smile on our faces Shenzhenfix is the best selection for your touch bar services. We do it better, safer, and with a smile on our faces!

Our rates are net, meaning they do not include the cost of labor. Our charging ports are A-grade, which means they’re just as good as the originals.

Our expert will do a few checks after receiving your phone and notify you of any malfunctioning components.! Our prices are net and include the labor charge. Our charging ports are of the same high quality as the originals.

Your data is secure:

Your files are kept safe throughout the repair procedure, and we do not destroy any of your data. If you are still concerned about the data privacy policy, we can take the flash storage that contains all of your files and leave it with you. It simply takes 5 minutes to remove it from your Mac, and you can carry it about with you. We have our flash storage on which we may test your MacBook after it has been repaired. This option is only available for hardware repairs; any software repairs will need you to leave your MacBook’s hard drive with us.


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