OnePlus 1 LCD Replacement

For original crack, go with ShenzhenFix repair Replacement screen or front glass for the OnePlus 1. We do it better, we do it safer, and we do it with a smile on our faces!

This is the OnePlus1 Front Glass Replacement product page. Only if the front glass is damaged is it feasible to replace the OnePlus screen. There must be no discoloration, no lines, and no reddish or black areas on the display.

We can also replace the LCD on a OnePlus device. It takes less time to replace the LCD on a OnePlus device.

Our prices are nett and include all repair costs. It’s impossible to just change the screen. Both the LCD and the screen are included with the One plus LCD replacement.

I’m looking for a OnePlus 1 repair but can’t seem to find one.

Need a OnePlus repair but can’t seem to find any authorised service providers or trustworthy technicians? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with repairs and warranty service for all OnePlus models at our flagship Shenzhen fix. We only utilise OnePlus-supplied original and genuine parts.

Repair for the original OnePlus 1 . Original OnePlus Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, Motherboard Repair.


Enquire further if:

– The phone will not turn on.

– You have a concern about the quality of our original OnePlus 1 replacement.

– When plugged into a power outlet, the phone does not charge. It’s possible that there’s no display because your charging port, not the screen, is broken. For more details, see our OnePlus Charging Port product pages.

– The OnePlus 1 touchscreen is inaccurate and unresponsive.

– On the monitor, there are black marks or lines. For additional details, see our OnePlus LCD Replacement product pages.

– Your OnePlus 1 is showing signs of water damage.

– Other forms of OnePlus repairs are what you’re looking for. If that’s the case, you can get OnePlus repair help on our product pages.

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