iPhone 11 Pro back camera Replacement Singapore by Shenzhen fix.

Choose Shenzhenfix for iPhone 11 Pro back camera replacement. We do it faster, safer, and with a smile on our faces!

Our rates are net and do not include the repair cost.

Our technician will run a few tests after receiving your phone and notify you of any malfunctioning components. After confirmation, our technician will begin the repair.

Buy this if:

You dropped your iPhone and the camera lens on the iPhone 11 Pro is cracked, impacting the quality of your pictures.

– There are scratches on the iPhone lens’s surface. As a result, strange spots appear in your photos after you’ve taken them.

– You also prefer images that are clearer and sharper.

– You’ve double-checked that the camera is in flawless working order.

Enquire further if:

– Your iPhone 11 Pro shows signs of water damage.

– Your iPhone is now covered by Apple’s warranty.

– Here’s where you can find out if your warranty is still valid.

– Black spots appear on the photographs taken, and you can check out our iPhone back camera replacement products here.

– Even though the lens is clean, the iPhone camera produces a blurry image.

– The camera on the iPhone 11 pro max is unable to concentrate.


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