iPhone 11 Pro Charging Port Replacement by Shenzhen fix.

Choose Shenzhenfix to replace the charging port on your iPhone 11 Pro.

Our rates are net and do not include the repair cost.

Our technician will run a few tests after receiving your phone and notify you of any malfunctioning components. After confirmation, our technician will begin the repair.

Buy this if:

When you plug in the charging cord, there is no charging icon. – The iPhone 11 Pro’s microphone isn’t working.

– When the iPhone 11 Pro is plugged in, the earpiece jack does not operate. Only when the cable is plugged in at a certain angle does your iPhone 11 Pro begin to charge. The cable is genuine and has been checked on other iPhones.

– You’ve tried charging your iPhone 11 Pro with a working original cable, but it doesn’t work.

– The iPhone 11 Pro is still functional and can turn on before being charged.

– You want a high-quality iPhone 11 Pro charging port repair at a cheaper cost than you would get from Apple.

Enquire further if:

– You’re not sure if the iPhone was in good working order before the last fee.

– Your iPhone 11 Pro shows signs of water damage.

– The charging icon appears on your iPhone 11 Pro, but the battery percentage does not increase. It’s possible that your iPhone battery, rather than the battery, is defective. For more reviews, please see our iPhone Battery replacement product pages.

– When the iPhone 11 Pro is turned off, it gets hot.

– Even with a working original cable plugged in, the iPhone 11 Pro would not turn on.

-Apple’s warranty on your iPhone 11 Pro is still available.

-Here’s where you can see if your warranty is still valid.



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