Shenzhenfix specialises in Apple MacBook repairs:
We provide comprehensive, high-quality repair services for the Macbook Pro 15 ( A1260). Send it in for a fast online repair, or use our calendar to schedule a visit to our Shenzhenfix location.
We handle all MacBook issues, including physical damage such as a broken screen, water damage, or hinge issues, as well as logic board issues that necessitate soldering skills and the replacement of logic board components. If your MacBook is in good working order but is running slowly, we can update its software or provide upgrade services, depending on the Mac model you have. If you have lost your data, we may be able to help you recover it.

There are a few different types of Macbook Pro 15 ( A1260) models that may require different replacement parts for repair. Please send an e-mail or give us a call to identify your Apple MacBook Pro model. Choose the service that best describes the problem with your Macbook Pro 15 ( A1260). Apple MacBook services are divided into three categories: hardware, software, and upgrades. If the service you require is not available, you may request a quote or bring or send your MacBook for diagnostics.
Shenzhenfix looks after the repair as well. All of our repair services are backed by a warranty. Guaranteed satisfaction.

Your data is secure:
Your files are kept safe throughout the repair procedure, and we do not destroy any of your data. If you are still concerned about the data privacy policy, we can take the flash storage that contains all of your files and leave it with you. It simply takes 5 minutes to remove it from your Mac, and you can carry it about with you. We have our flash storage on which we may test your MacBook after it has been repaired. This option is only available for hardware repairs; any software repairs will need you to leave your MacBook’s hard drive with us.



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