Replacement of the iPhone 6s plus charging port by Shenzhenfix:

The charging port on your iPhone 6S Plus is thoroughly inspected during this repair service. If your charging cable is plugged into the iPhone 6S Plus and it fails to charge or be noticed by other users, or if the cable wire has to be put in a particular location for the power to function, the charging dock is most likely broken and will need to be fixed or replaced.
Our professional technicians can fix or install iPhone 6S Plus Charging Port Replacement, thoroughly test it, and then return it to you in working order.

Shenzhenfix hires the best technicians in the industry.

Buy this if:

– When you plug in the charging cord, there is no charging icon.

– The iPhone 6S Plus’s microphone isn’t working.

– When the iPhone 6S Plus is plugged in, the earpiece jack does not work.

– Your iPhone 6S Plus can only charge when the cable is inserted at a certain angle. The cable is genuine and has been successfully checked on other iPhones.

– You’ve tried charging your iPhone 6S Plus with a working original cable, but it won’t work.

– The iPhone 6S Plus is still functional and can turn on until the last charge.

– You want a high-quality charging port repair for your iPhone 6S Plus at a lower cost than Apple service centers.


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