iPhone XS Max back camera replacement by Shenzhenfix.

This is a replacement back camera for the iPhone XS Max. back camera issues can be a major headache. It’s something that needs to be resolved right away.  Our XS Max components are low-cost and have been thoroughly checked in the factory to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, we have email and live chat tech help. Simply contact us and we will assist you with any issues you might be having.

Buy this if:

– There are black spots on the photos that were taken.


Even though the lens is clear, the iPhone XS MAX camera produces a blurry image.


– Even when using a stabilizer, the iPhone XS MAX camera creates weird images.


– After taking a snap, the iPhone XS MAX camera app freezes and shuts down on its own.


– The camera on the iPhone XS MAX is unable to concentrate.


– On the back monitor, the camera apps just display a black background. When the camera is turned to the front, a monitor is still visible.

Ask more questions:

– Your iPhone XS MAX shows signs of water damage.

– Your iPhone is already protected by Apple’s warranty. Here’s where you can find out if your warranty is still valid.

– The front camera on your iPhone XS MAX is defective. Try using video-calling applications like Skype, Face time, and others. If the video isn’t showing up but the back camera is working, you’ll most likely need to replace the front camera. You can see all of our iPhone front camera items here.

– On camera applications, the front, and rear cameras both display a black background.

– The exterior camera lens has been impaired by a fall.

– There are signs of water vapor within the lens.

– Is your iPhone being fixed incorrectly? Read on to learn more about our iPhone prices and descriptions.


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